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The Best Low Wattage Toaster Ovens To Buy This Year

The Best Low Wattage Toaster Ovens To Buy This Year

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When it comes to small, multi-functional kitchen appliances that won’t break the bank, toaster ovens fit the bill to a T!

Good toaster ovens are capable of doing just about everything a larger traditional oven can do. The primary difference is that they take up much less space while offering many of the same conveniences.

These units are impressive because they can be used to broil, bake, toast, roast and keep food warm. As so many people have to feed their families in small apartments or condominiums, these smaller appliances are perfect for cooking at home. They could prove invaluable to those with limited space, as most models fit snugly on your counter top.

The other wonderful benefit to choosing a toaster oven is that they’ll use a fraction of the energy a conventional oven would, yet still give great, expedient results. In clearer terms: a toaster oven requires far fewer watts to run than an oven.

Taster oven wattage: how many watts does a toaster oven use?

Your average toaster oven will use between 1200 – 1500 watts, with most models coming in around the 1400W mark.

There are a handful of toaster ovens, however, that fall below 1200W, and because we’re nice like that, we’ve put together a list of them for your convenience.

Below you’ll find our top 5 affordable toaster ovens that are 1200 watts and under, and all give great results.

The Top 5 Most Energy-efficient Toaster Ovens


Mueller Austria Toaster Oven

as of July 12, 2024 8:30 pm



CAPACITY: 4 slices

WEIGHT: 2.20 lbs

The Mueller Toaster Oven is a sleek, sturdy yet impossibly lightweight addition to your kitchen. With its classic stainless steel finish, this toaster oven will easily fit into any kitchen, on any counter.

The dual position rack lets you cook multiple items at once, or make room for larger items, while the 30-minute timer includes precise toast settings and automatically shuts off to prevent overcooking. If your food requires more time, there's also the "stay-on" feature for longer cooking.

The Mueller Toaster Oven features 4 cooking functions - baking, broiling, toasting and keeping warm, making it super versatile and capable of replacing your larger oven.

The large glass door is see-through and allows you to monitor your cooking without the need to open the door.

You get 3 control knobs that give you access to temperature, heat and timer settings for a personalized cooking experience.

Not sure which settings you need for your favorite meals? Not a problem! Recipes are included with your new toaster oven.

Finally, you won't forget that your food is cooking, because the handy indicator light on the front of the appliance acts as a reminder.

Pro: Easy to clean exterior, and super user-friendly knobs.

Con: The bottom tray doesn't slide out, which might make washing it more difficult. Also, due to its light weight, it might move around on your counter when you open it.

COMFEE' Countertop Toaster Oven




CAPACITY: 4 Slices

WEIGHT: 7.68 lbs

The COMFEE' Toaster Oven does it all! With the 3-in-1 functionality, you can toast, bake and even broil your favorite foods.

Crafted out of stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning, the compact space-saving size means it won't take up much room on your counter.

The multi-functional appliance comes with easy-to-use dials that give you all of the options that you need to create personalized favorites like muffins, toast, and more.

With the precise toasting shade preference feature, you have complete control over how light or dark you want your toast to be. And with the dual position rack, you get greater choice over where your food is placed.

The COMFEE' Toaster Oven has a 30-minute timer that allows you to control time and temperature precisely, giving you delicious results every time.

Need more time? The "stay-on" mode lets you keep the power on for longer baking times, making it perfect for roasting.

The nonstick, removable tray makes it easy to clean up crumbs after cooking, while the glass door lets you observe food as it cooks; no need to open the door and lose heat!

Pro: Very compact; great if you lack counter space. Cooks very fast.

Con: The dual rack slots quite close together, and it's easy for food to burn because this appliance heats up very quickly.

Zojirushi Toaster Oven

as of July 12, 2024 8:30 pm



WEIGHT: 10.3 lbs

CAPACITY: 2 Slices

Made from BPA-free materials, the Zojirushi Toaster Oven allows you to cook your favorite foods with ease!

Clear guidelines printed on the front door indicate appropriate baking temperature and time for popular foods, taking the stress out of cooking things like pizza, toast and cookies.

The oven automatically pulls out the rack when the door is opened, so you don't have to manually pull it out. This makes retrieving your food a whole lot easier.

The mesh rack reduces unwanted grill marks on your food, ensures that food cooks more evenly, and minimizes the chance of food falling between the grills.

You get a free baking tray with your Zojirushi toaster oven, which can fit pizzas up to 7-7/8 inches.

The operation light lets you know when the device is on, while a bell signal lets you know when it's time to take your food out.

And if that wasn't enough, cleanup will be a breeze thanks to the removable crumb tray and glass door, both allowing you to wash them under your faucet.

Pro: Sturdy, durable, and makes perfect toast every time. Plus, the tray attached to the door feature is such a rare find.

Con: No real reheating option – the toaster oven will more than likely burn the food you're trying to warm up. Only good for cooking.

Hamilton Beach 31344D Easy Reach Toaster Oven

as of July 12, 2024 8:30 pm



WEIGHT: 10.28 lbs

CAPACITY: 4 slices

Using the Hamilton Beach 31344D Toaster Oven is easy with its roll-top door. No need to worry about getting burnt, just roll it up and you're ready to go! What's more, the door is removable, so you can take it off and wash it whenever you need to.

This multi-functional device is the perfect kitchen appliance, offering 3 functions in one convenient appliance. You can bake, broil or toast to your heart's content.

The control knobs are easy to operate and contoured, making them safer to use.

The dual racks of this appliance allow for more flexibility in cooking. You can move the included baking tray to a position that best suits the meal you're cooking, allowing for more space.

With the 30-minute timer and auto shut-off feature, you won't be constantly tracking the time or accidentally overcooking your food; simply set it and go! And if 30 minutes isn't sufficient, there's also the "stay on", which allows you to cook longer. Perfect for when you're roasting.

For easy cleanup (and less mess), the Hamilton Beach 31344D Toaster Oven comes with a removable crumb tray.

Pro: Easy to remove hot food, due to the roll-top. Much less likely to burn yourself. Plus it's easy to clean and the reheat function will match your microwave.

Con: The dial for the toaster might be difficult to turn, as you have to turn it while pressing the bottom on top.

BLACK+DECKER TO1760SS Toaster Oven

as of July 12, 2024 8:30 pm



WEIGHT: 8.43 lbs

CAPACITY: 4 Slices

This stainless steel Toaster Oven from BLACK+DECKER is a simple, straightforward way to give your kitchen an upgrade. It's the perfect size for any counter, but don't let that fool you into thinking this machine isn't powerful.

There are 4 cooking functions which can be used for convection baking, broiling, toasting, and keeping food warm.

The toaster oven's natural convection technology provides even more consistent heating than regular ovens by precisely managing airflow, giving food a delicious taste as well as a crispy exterior.

The 30-minute timer lets you set it once and walk away; or you can activate the "stay-on" function so that your food continues to cook without interruption. Great for those times when you need a longer cook.

With the "EvenToast Technology", this appliance has the ability to create perfect toast every time; and using one of the 3 dials, you can even choose toast shades - light, medium or dark.

Your food will fit perfectly inside the included pan and baking rack, which can easily accommodate pizzas up to 9 inches. When you're ready to clean up, simply slide out the removable crumb tray and wash it with soap and warm water.

The extra-wide viewing window makes it easy to monitor food as it cooks, without the need to open the door and lose heat; and the indicator light reminds you that your appliance is on.

All in all, this smart BLACK & DECKER TO1760SS Toaster Oven might just be the best thing you purchase this year!

Pro: Heats up quickly, the dials are easy to understand and twist, and heats evenly.

Con: No way to turn off the timer if you decide to remove food early, and the knobs are slightly slippery. The exterior can get very hot, so be mindful if there are young people around.

What is the lowest watt toaster oven?

There are 2 toaster ovens on our list that are an impressive 1000W, making them the lowest wattage toaster ovens currently on the market. They are:

  • COMFEE’ Countertop Toaster Oven
  • Zojirushi Toaster Oven

What’s the point of a toaster oven?

A toaster oven is great for when you want most/all of the features of a large, bulky oven in a small, portable appliance. They also generally use less energy/watts than a full sized oven, which means you’re helping the environment while saving money!

If reducing the amount of appliances in your kitchen is high on your list, then a toaster oven could help you achieve that. You’ll be able to do away with not only your regular toaster, but in some cases your microwave AND oven!

It is important to remember, however, that these appliances are usually not as powerful as full sized ovens, and you will see variations in cooking times.

It’s also worth noting that toaster ovens heat up significantly faster than conventional ovens. And with food being so close to the heating elements, and more confined, you’ll need to be extra vigilant while cooking, in order to avoid burning your food.

Toaster ovens vs conventional ovens cooking times

Toaster ovens are generally much smaller than traditional ovens, and therefore it will take a little bit longer to cook your food. For cooking times, expect to add an extra 10 minutes when using a toaster oven.

Which uses more electricity, a microwave or toaster oven?

Generally speaking, toaster ovens and microwaves use roughly the same amount of electricity, though when it comes to lower watt models, microwaves tend to have the advantage over toaster ovens, and you can easily find microwaves under 700 watts.

Can you cook meat in a toaster oven?

Yes, you certainly can!

Whether you’re cooking a Sunday roast or a few burgers for a dinner party, a toaster oven’s got you covered. You can cook chicken, beef, pork, even fish in a toaster oven, and still get the same awesome results you would in a regular oven (possibly even crispier).