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The Best Energy Efficient Electric Clothes Dryers

The Best Energy Efficient Electric Clothes Dryers


Drying your clothes is the most time-consuming and expensive part of the laundry process, especially when the weather is cold or you live in an apartment, where drying outside isn’t an option.

If you don’t want to waste time, you live in a cold climate, or you can’t afford to keep using your local laundromat, a personal dryer is a necessity.

Not just any dryer, however.

Buying an unnecessarily high-powered, high wattage dryer could end up costing you a lot, not to mention it won’t be very environmentally friendly. You need to know just how expensive clothes dryers are to run per hour, then you’ll see what we mean.

How many watts does a clothes dryer use?

A typical clothes dryer uses between 2200 – 5000 watts, with the average wattage somewhere around 3000W/3kWh.

As you can see, that’s a lot of watts! For big families, sure, the more powerful models work well, as they’re larger and dry laundry faster. However, you’ll pay the price in electricity.

How much does a dryer cost to run?

1 kilowatt (1kWh) will cost you around $0.20 – $0.30 per hour, though this varies depending on which state you live in. So let’s say $0.25p/h.

Using the average dryer (3kWh) as an example, you can see that it will cost you roughly $0.75 per hour to run. If you use it every day for 1 hour, that’s an extra $22.50 per month/$270 per year.

With a more energy-efficient dryer, your bill could be half that amount.

We’ve put together a list of 5 low watt clothes dryers for you to select from. They all come in at 1500W and under, so great for those looking to save money on their monthly utility bill.

The Top 5 Low Wattage Clothes Dryers


Euhomy Compact Laundry Dryer

as of April 4, 2024 2:04 am


CAPACITY: 2.99 liters

WEIGHT: 45.1 lbs

The Euhomy Compact Laundry Dryer is a top of the line clothes dryer with all of the features you need. It has an easy-to-operate control knobs, rotary heating for evenly heated clothes, and 7 drying modes to suit any type of laundry.

With a maximum temperature of 140°F and a compact design, this dryer saves space without sacrificing power. It would work perfectly in apartments or small houses.

There's even a see-through window that lets you check on laundry while it's being dried, without having to open the door. When you do need to open the door, the machine stops automatically, and can be restarted from where you left off.

The Euhomy Compact Laundry Dryer is built with stainless steel, making it both elegant in appearance and durable.

As one of the lowest wattage dryers on our list, at an incredible 1020W, this dryer is a far cry from the typical energy-guzzling models you might be used to. If you're serious about cutting down on your family's energy bill but don't want to sacrifice quality, this dryer is perfect for you.

Pro: Powerful despite its low wattage.

Con: Small capacity – won't dry blankets/sheets.

COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer

as of April 4, 2024 2:04 am


CAPACITY: 4.53 liters

WEIGHT: 37.3 lbs

The COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer can efficiently dry your clothes without taking up too much space. It features 4 drying modes, a stainless steel tub to minimize rusting and withstand high heat, and a see-through window so you can monitor your clothes as they are being dried.

The reverse tumble action prevents tangling of delicate items, while the auto stop feature means you can open the door whenever you want during the cycle, and return to drying where you left off.

There is also a filter that removes lint and other particles from your clothing, and the temperature and timer controls allow you to choose the optimum settings according to your laundry's needs.

What's more, it's quiet and has been designed to remove wrinkles from your clothing, cutting down on ironing time.

Operating on only 850 watts, this COSTWAY dryer is the lowest wattage dryer on our list, and one of the lowest on the market.

Pro: There's no need to vent outside.

Con: Heavier items like jeans and jackets will take a long time to dry.

Panda Electric Portable Compact Clothes Dryer

as of April 4, 2024 2:04 am


CAPACITY: 5.99 liters

WEIGHT: ‎59.4 lbs

The Panda Electric Clothes Dryer with its space saving design is perfect for drying clothes on even the tiniest of balconies or in small apartments.

The temperature and timer options eliminate the risk of forgetting to turn it off before heading out, which can make your trip home a smokey one!

The Wrinkle Guard function prevents tangling and reduces some of the creases you might have picked up from the washing cycle, making your clothes ready to wear without ironing.

There's also a Delay Start option so that you can set it to start when you're not going to be home. This means you don't have to wait around on laundry days.

The exhaust pipe is detachable and the lint filter is easily removable, so getting rid of fluff is a breeze!

Additionally, stainless steel tub ensures easy maintenance and a long life free from rust, while the touch and operate control panel makes the machine simple to use.

Pro: Touch-screen controls make for an easy, quick operation.

Con: Has been known to squeak for some people.

hOmelabs Compact Laundry Dryer

as of April 4, 2024 2:04 am


CAPACITY: 5.99 liters

WEIGHT: 60 lbs

The hOmelabs Compact Laundry Dryer is a sleek and user-friendly appliance that will make drying your laundry a breeze, and won't take up a lot of space in your home.

The sturdy stainless steel drum was designed to last and not rust, while the adjustable exhaust fan lets you easily expel air from the dryer outside a window or door.

There are 5 drying programs to choose from, for different materials, ensuring that even delicate items won't be damaged by the heat. And the semi-transparent, 17-inch window lets you check the progress of your clothes without having to open the door.

Tired of fluff sticking to your clothes after drying? Well, the multi-layer filter included in with this machine was designed for maximum lint removal.

Pro: Can dry larger items like bed sheets relatively quickly.

Con: The controls are somewhat difficult to understand, and the instructions aren't very helpful.

Merax Sentern Compact Laundry Dryer

as of April 4, 2024 2:04 am


CAPACITY: 4.08 liters

WEIGHT: 60 lbs

This Merax laundry dryer has a classic, compact design that will fit in any apartment.

With a maximum temperature of 140°F, you can get your clothes dried faster, though with the wide variety of heating selections available, you can alter settings to ensure efficient drying without scorching clothing.

This product is quiet while still being powerful enough to get your clothes dry quickly. It also features an air intake filter and a durable stainless steel inner drum, so upkeep is simple and maintenance free.

There's no need to worry about limiting your floor space, because the Merax Sentern Dryer comes complete with a wall mounting kit.

This machine will have your clothes coming out softer than ever, while the lint holder will remove fluff from your clothes as they dry.

Pro: Very quiet, you won't even know it's on.

Con: Larger loads will take a long time to dry.

Which dryer uses the least energy?

At an impressive 850W, the COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer (the second dryer on our list) uses the least amount of energy. So if you’re looking to save a whole bunch of moolah on your electricity bill, this is the dryer for you.

Are gas or electric dryers better?

Electric dryers are the practical choice because they’re straightforward to plug in and go! No need to pay someone to install anything.

You can always opt for a gas dryer if you have access to propane gas lines.