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The Best Low Watt Irons To Buy In 2024

The Best Low Watt Irons To Buy In 2024


A good iron is something everyone needs, whether at home in your closet, or away in your suitcase. The problem is, irons are some of the highest wattage small appliances out there, which means that every time you turn those bad boys on, you’ll be pulling a lot of electricity.

Why do irons use a lot of electricity?

Irons need to be extremely hot and heat up rapidly in order to sufficiently get the wrinkles and creases out of fabrics.

Typically, the temperature of an iron is between 350°F – 430°F, so you can imagine that this amount of heat, produced quickly, would require a lot of energy. This is why irons are usually high watt.

How many watts does an iron use?

Most popular irons on the market use 1500W and above, which is 1.5kWh per hour. If you use a 1500W iron for an hour a day, you end up spending between $0.20 – $0.30, or $6 – $9 per month.

Choosing a low watt iron

If you’ve decided to buy an energy-efficient iron, you should aim to find a model that comes in at under 1000W. This will allow you to keep your electricity costs down, and can also enable you to use it while traveling, in places where electricity is restricted.

Many of these low watt irons will be designated as “travel irons”, as they are usually lightweight, small, and have dual voltage capability. These are also suitable for home use.

We’ve taken the hassle out of the search, and have selected 6 awesome low watt irons for you to choose from.

6 Low Wattage Irons Under 1000W


Conair EZ Press Handheld Steam Iron

as of March 31, 2024 11:07 pm



WEIGHT: 1lbs

Conair EZ Press Handheld Steam Iron is the ultimate travel companion. This lightweight, portable iron makes it easy to remove wrinkles from clothing, drapes and other fabrics anytime, anywhere.

The temperature control dial allows you to choose the right setting for your fabric type, and you can switch between steam or dry ironing at the touch of a button. There's also a steam burst option in case you need more steam to get those difficult creases out.

The Conair EZ Press has an anti-slip “heel” that supports the appliance when it's standing up. The long 8-foot cord means you have plenty of freedom to move around while plugged in.

What's more, with the dual voltage feature, you're able to switch between 120V and 240V, meaning you can take this handy little iron on your global travels.

Pro: The ability to switch voltages means this iron can be used all across the world.

Con: Difficult to know which way to turn the dial in order to turn it off.

Sharper Image SI-755 Mini Steam Iron

as of March 31, 2024 11:07 pm



WEIGHT: 1.45lbs

As the lowest wattage iron on our list, coming in at just 350W, and tiny to boot, the SI-755 Mini Steam Iron by Sharper Image is perfect for traveling and RVs.

This mini steam iron features a 1.1 ounce water tank that provides enough steam to press several garments before needing to be refilled.

It has a non-stick metal plate that will resist rust over time.

The 3 heat settings (high/medium/low) allow you to choose the best option for your fabric type.

The dual voltage capability allows you to switch between 120V and 220V, using the switch at the back of the appliance.

The 8-foot cord means movement while plugged in won't be restricted, and the free measuring cup included makes pouring the right amount of water into the iron a breeze.

Pro: It doesn't consume much electricity and still gets the job done.

Con: The temperature dial is in an awkward position and might be difficult to move while the iron is hot.

Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot GCSBTR-100-000 Compact Travel Iron

as of March 31, 2024 11:07 pm



WEIGHT: 1lbs

The Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Iron's compact size and dual voltage functionality make this iron a great travel companion.

If you're looking for something that's comparable to regular, higher wattage irons in how high the temperature can go, then you'll be impressed with this model's ability to reach close to 400°F.

The shot of steam feature provides greater wrinkle/crease reduction. The power indicator light lets you know when the iron is on and hot.

With the variable temperature control dial, you can choose the most suitable heat setting for different fabrics.

This iron has been designed with comfort in mind. It has a soft handle and easily accessible temperature dial.

The nonstick soleplate glides over all types of fabric and avoids damaging your clothes or rusting.

Pro: Takes about 1 minute to reach a high temperature.

Con: Takes roughly half an hour to cool down after use, which might be an issue when traveling.

WASING Portable Dry Iron

as of March 31, 2024 11:07 pm



WEIGHT: 2.77lbs

The only iron on the list that's non-steam, yet it doesn't disappoint.

The WASING Portable Dry Iron is lightweight, easy to use and, thanks to the unique stainless steel plate, you can achieve smooth ironing without the need for steam.

The temperature control dial is straightforward to use and lets you change temperatures according to the type of fabric you're ironing.

Plus, the iron has been designed to keep the temperature balanced and consistent, reducing the likelihood of burning.

There's a power indicator light to let you know when the iron's on, and the adjustable swivel cord makes maneuvering hassle-free.

Pro: Gets hot quickly and maintains an even heat.

Con: The handle tends to get hot, and holding it for longer than a few minutes might get uncomfortable.

Pur Steam Mini Steam Iron




WEIGHT: 1.8lbs

The Pur Stream Mini Steam Iron is a super small, super easy-to-use travel iron that produces 30% more steam than most steam irons.

This mini iron heats up quickly and maintains a continuous heat so you can get the job done without putting in too much effort changing temperatures. It's perfect for traveling and everyday use.

The iron features a dual voltage switch (120/240V), which means you can use it all over the world with the addition of an adapter.

The non-stick soleplate makes removing wrinkles easy, and ensures your fabrics don't burn. The anti-slip handle is comfortable to use.

All in all, this is a slick, stylish little iron that doesn't require much work to do its job.

Pro: The increased steam production enables you to get rid of wrinkles even faster.

Con: No temperature control dial, so you're stuck at one temperature, which might be too high for some fabrics.

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

as of March 31, 2024 11:07 pm



WEIGHT: 1lbs

The Steamfast SF-717 Mini Iron is a compact, lightweight, dual voltage steam iron that's perfect for travel.

It heats up in almost no time – 15 seconds – and produces enough steam to remove wrinkles from almost any fabric. Steam is added with just one-click of a button.

The anti-slip handle makes it easy to grip, even when you're working with fabrics that are prone to sticking.

The SF-717 features 3 temperature settings, which you can adjust using the dial at the top of the unit. Change it according to whichever fabric you're working on.

A 1.4-ounce water tank provides plenty of steam before it needs refilling, and the 7.5-foot power cord means you can move around with ease while using the iron.

As a bonus, you get a free measuring cup and travel bag.

Pro: Reaches the highest temperature (428°F) of all the irons on our list, and does so in record time. Impressive for something that doesn't use much power.

Con: The handle gets quite hot, which could burn you.

Does wattage matter in an iron?

Usually, though not always, the wattage of an iron determines how powerful it can get/how high the temperature can reach; and the higher the temperature, the more effective the iron is at smoothing out wrinkles.

However, as you may have noticed from this list, many low wattage irons pack a mean punch when it comes to their ability to reach high temperature levels. They give the higher power consumption models a run for their money.

So, if you choose wisely, no, the wattage of an iron shouldn’t matter.

Which watt iron is best for home use?

If you have no wattage constraints, or you don’t use your iron often, a full-size 1500W iron would be sufficient for home use, though an 800W iron would also work well, especially if it heats up quickly.